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Pokemon games have always been pretty good when it comes to post-game content, and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl once again deliver in this regard. As well as all of the additional areas found in the original titles, the remakes also include a brand new post-game area called Ramanas Park, where players will be able to get their hands on some of the series' best and most popular Legendary Pokemon.


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Unfortunately, before players can claim these all-powerful creatures, they'll first need to gain access to the park and must then track down the special slates required to make the Pokemon show up. It can be a fairly time-consuming process due to how many of them are required, but, when all's said and done, many Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players will no doubt power through it due to the incredibly desirable rewards.

How to Unlock Ramanas Park in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


In order to unlock Ramanas Park, players will need to beat Cynthia at the Pokemon League. After doing so, their next big challenge will be to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex, which is actually a lot easier than it first sounds. As in every other Pokemon game before it, players don't actually need to have owned a Pokemon for its data to be added to the Pokedex, meaning that entries for every single one of the Pokemon that players have seen so far will already have been added.


They may need to track down a few stragglers like Drifloon and Lumineon and will also need to speak to Cynthia's grandmother in Celestic Town to get the data for the other game's mascot added. This will hopefully bring players to the required 150 total (151 if they received and hatched the Manaphy Mystery Gift egg). If not, players will need to fill in any empty spaces and then make their way over to Rowan's research lab in Sandgem town, where Professor Oak will show up and upgrade their Pokedex to the national version.


After making the changes, Oak will mention that a new location named Ramanas Park is now open and that it can be accessed via Routes 220 and 221 to the south of Sandgem Town. Upon their arrival at the park, players will find a large open area with numerous themed caves, each one containing a device that can be used to spawn in Legendary Pokemon from outside the Sinnoh region. To make these pedestals work, however, players will need to insert a special slate, which, as one might expect, are not particularly easy to come by.

How to Get Slates in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


Sadly, there's only currently one way for players to get their hands on slates, and that's to trade them in at the counter to the left of the entrance to Ramanas Park. To make the trade, players will need to get their hands on some Mysterious Shards, with three small ones or one large one needed for each slate. This means that, in total, players could need to find as many as 42 small Mysterious Shards to encounter all of the 14 available Legendaries, which is going to require an awful lot of digging down in the Grand Underground.

Every Slate Available At Ramanas Park in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


At launch, there are eleven different slates available, though four of them are version-specific, meaning that players will only be able to get their hands on nine of the eleven types. Brilliant Diamond players will get Johto and Rainbow Slates, which can be used to acquire the three Legendary Beasts and Ho-Oh respectively. Shining Pearl players, on the other hand, will instead get Kanto and Squall Slates, which they'll be able to use to summon the three Legendary Birds and Lugia.


Unfortunately, players won't really be able to choose which slates they get at the trade-in counter straight away, with the games instead handing them out in a somewhat specific order. Before unlocking anything else, players will first need to catch all three Pokemon in the Discovery Room, which will then unlock trades for Kanto / Johto and Soul Slates. After players have caught the five Pokemon that these slates unlock, slates for the final five catchable Legendaries will be unlocked. The Distortion Slate is a little different from the other ten, as it summons an uncatchable Origin Forme Giratina that drops a valuable Griseous Orb upon its defeat. Players won't unlock this trade until after they've caught Giratina, however.

# Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl
1 Regice (Discovery Slate) Regice (Discovery Slate)
2 Regirock (Discovery Slate) Regirock (Discovery Slate)
3 Registeel (Discovery Slate) Registeel (Discovery Slate)
4 Raikou (Johto Slate) Articuno (Kanto Slate)
5 Entei (Johto Slate) Zapdos (Kanto Slate)
6 Suicune (Johto Slate) Moltres (Kanto Slate)
7 Latios (Soul Slate) Latios (Soul Slate)
8 Latias (Soul Slate) Latias (Soul Slate)
9 Ho-Oh (Rainbow Slate) Lugia (Squall Slate)
10 Kyogre (Oceanic Slate) Kyogre (Oceanic Slate)
11 Groudon (Tectonic Slate) Groudon (Tectonic Slate)
12 Rayquaza (Stratospheric Slate) Rayquaza (Stratospheric Slate)
13 Mewtwo (Genome Slate) Mewtwo (Genome Slate)
14 Giratina(Distortion Slate) Giratina(Distortion Slate)

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